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featherlite weedeater?

need to rebuilt this weedeater To Find your next Weedeater or Weedeater parts visit our Weedeater store Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Troy-Bilt TB70SS String Trimmer?

Question by AWC: Troy-Bilt TB70SS String Trimmer? I have Two of them and both have a gas issue. Does anyone know if These carburetors can have a kit put in the,how do you know if that is the cure. Yes I use clean gas mixed 50:1 and strained twice. Thay are used 1 hour a […]

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what is wrong with weed eater?

It is Ryobi brand. It will crank and run for as long as I need it to, but if I cut it off it will not restart at all until the next day. I have tried it in start mode and run mode. it is only 3 or 4 months old, but started doing it […]

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Weed Eater Questions

Question by titoamador86: How can I install a 4 cycle weed wacker engine on my schwinn skylliner bicycle 26″ what parts would I need? Please include a parts list and step by step instructions, thank you. Best answer: Answer by luckyi’d use a chain saw instead, because a weed wacker doesn’t have a clutch. you’d […]

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What is the optimal length for grass?

Question by Guaranteed Autographs: What is the optimal length for grass? to be healthy. Best answer: Answer by Don SLonger than most people cut it, about 3″ or so. It is also good to let it go to seed at least once in the spring to develop healthy roots. Give your answer to this question […]

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