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Ryobi ZRP2002 ONE Plus 18V 12-in Cordless String Trimmer (Tool Only) Reviews

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Aug• 29•16

Ryobi ZRP2002 ONE Plus 18V 12-in Cordless String Trimmer (Tool Only)

  • Uses 18V Lithium-ion battery
  • 12-in cut with auto feed .065-in single line
  • Telescopic shaft for operator comfort
  • Pivoting head allows trimming under obstacles and on slopes
  • Fold out edge guide

Includes One+ 18V 12-in Cordless String Trimmer – ZRP2002, Battery And Charger Sold Separately

List Price: $ 79.99


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  1. monoblocks says:
    49 of 49 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Solid performance in a lightweight package, April 26, 2010
    monoblocks (Seattle, WA) –

    This review is from: Ryobi ZRP2002 ONE Plus 18V 12-in Cordless String Trimmer (Tool Only)

    Bought this cordless weed whacker from a well-known home improvement chain, whose orange colors are known to just about anyone. At the warehouse store, the package included the Li-ion battery and quick charger for the cost of an extra Andy Jackson, which is a nice deal since those two item–Ryobi 18V ONE+ P104 Lithium Battery and P113 Charger–go for 120 clams here alone on Amazon, which makes the warehouse store package unbeatable since the string trimmer is essentially tossed in as a freebie.

    This Ryobi is my second cordless string trimmer from the company. My earlier model, a 12V Ni-Cad powered unit from several years ago (155VP, or something like that) never really lived up to its potential. Its battery never provided enough juice even for our smallish yard, and the thing was a relatively heavy beast. After two faltering batteries I had had enough of the 155VP’s tantrums and returned to a cheap corded WeedEater unit. After a couple or so years of this, the underpowered WeedEater finally quit as well. I did grow tired of extension cord management, so I decided to step back into the tricky waters of cordless trimmers once again. And boy, so far I’m glad that I did.

    The One+ is a literal featherweight compared to the 155VP, but packs a middleweight punch. Like most electric trimmers, it has a rough time with the wet stuff, but when conditions are dry the One+ so far cuts through everything I’ve put it up against. Battery charge of the 18V unit lasts an extremely long time relative my 155VP’s anemic 12V cell; so much so that I can use the One+ over two lawncare sessions and into a third one without having to recharge the battery. And recharging times are phenomenal; the 18V cell charges in minutes, whereas the old Ni-Cad took an overnight pit stop.

    Its design allows for a wide manner of adjustment to attempt to get the optimal length and control placement on the device, and although it never has been completely spot-on for me and my frame, I can get the One+ close to where I think it would work best for me. The telescoping shaft also works pretty well at getting the best user position possible. And of course there’s the unit’s lightness, even with the battery in place.

    Downsides? Yes there indeed are some. The One+ doesn’t use a bump feed system for the cutting string. Instead it automatically feeds out more line each time the unit’s motor ramps up its operational spin speed…which for me actually WASTES a fair bit of string since I have a tendency to inspect my work as I go along which usually means that at many points the trimmer will be powered off as I check out the quality of my cutting. Also for me the trigger operation is somewhat awkward to maintain during extended cutting session; the trigger pull is long and tiresome to hang onto for extended periods. The locking ring for the adjustable slide rod is marginal at keeping a TIGHT locking hold on the shaft, where it’s possible if given enough force to slide the rod down (or up) without meaning to.

    While the forward hand hold allows for rotational adjustments (pivoting forward and back, and rotation around the shaft member), it does not allow for positioning along the length of the shaft. And as with my prior Ryobi, I don’t understand why there’s no provision for a shoulder harness or sling; it would certainly ease some of the load and vibration that the existing design forces one’s arms and hands to take by distributing some of that through the shoulders and upper back. The motor’s torque could be a bit stouter; thicker vegetation that my corded WeedEater could hustle on through can give the One+’s motor was real workout.

    But by and large those are minor quibbles to me that easily can be worked around. This thing whacks away at almost everything I customarily put it up against, and the charge of the Li-ion is commendably great. Plus the integral charge meter built into the 18V cell gives good indication of how much power is on hand, and whether a freshening up on the charger is needed beforehand. And as an added bonus, the 18V cell works with other Ryobi tools in the One+ lineup…which would be PERFECT if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t have any other One+ power tools (typically a Bosch/Makita man myself).

    Oh well, at least this string trimmer is solid enough at its intended mission, and in the end that’s what is good enough for me. Four solid stars.

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  2. Dave "dave_in_dallas" says:
    28 of 31 people found the following review helpful:
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Almost good enough, May 2, 2010
    Dave “dave_in_dallas” (Texas, United States) –

    This review is from: Ryobi ZRP2002 ONE Plus 18V 12-in Cordless String Trimmer (Tool Only)

    This trimmer was almost good enough to keep, but I’m going to return it. It has great potential, but the two downsides are too much to deal with. I’ve gone through my fair share of trimmers (gas, corded, battery, expensive, cheap) and my last trimmer (a Black and Decker grasshog) was my favorite thus far. The major downside to that trimmer was the battery. Over the years the battery life decreased, took hours to recharge, had to keep the battery on the charger or it would drain, etc. So I was excited when the lithium ion battery technology for trimmers became available. Went to purchase a Grasshog lithium at the store, but they had none, but they did have this Ryobi lithium trimmer. Bought it, took it home, easy assembly, lots of cool adjustments, then tried it out on the lawn. Well, the guys who built this must be ergonomic engineers who pay someone else to do their lawns. Battery works great and power is adequate, but the line feed and power trigger are serious problems. To advance the line, you need to stop the trimmer for about 2-3 seconds while the line advances 1/4 of an inch. This may not sound like much time, but every few feet you gotta stop your trimming and start and stop the trimmer a few times, and it really slows down your progress. The trigger is just plain stupid. Before you are able to pull the trimmers’ power trigger you first gotta push it another switch, how this adds another layer of safety to our bubble boy lives is beyond me. It sounds kinda trivial, but it is annoying and begins to fatigue your fingers half way through the lawn. So back to the store it goes, and try and find that grasshog lithium trimmer, to see if it’s good enough to keep.

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  3. Jonathan Laubin "yankeewhaler" says:
    11 of 12 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    great deal just what i needed, May 29, 2010
    Jonathan Laubin “yankeewhaler” (southern NJ) –

    This review is from: Ryobi ZRP2002 ONE Plus 18V 12-in Cordless String Trimmer (Tool Only)

    No this trimmer wont wack down the hay field behind your house or mow brush.. its a yard trimmer and as such it is excellent.. it runs about 20 minutes with heavy usage.. edges my sidewalk and driveway..Im pleased, my old b-d was down to 8 minutes a charge..I could not update the b-d to lithium so i replaced them..Homedepot online had a combo of the trimmer blower lithium battery and charger for 119 pp..the battery and charger were worth that alone..battery shows charge level while working and when its time for a drink.. 1 hr recharge..

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