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weedeater 38″ mower surges and then quits?

weedeater 38″ riding mower. start fine but after it warms up it starts to surges and then it die. I really notice it when I put a load on it like mowing. I replaced the fuel, plug (what is the gap?) the carb was replaced about a year ago, fuel filter and the fuel line. […]

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What will need to be done to my old Weed-eater?

I have recently got an old weed-eater that has not been running for years. the pull cord still pulls freely so the engine is not frozen. so what will need to me done to get it running again? To Find your next Weedeater or Weedeater parts visit our Weedeater store

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HOW TO REPLACE Trimmer Line on Weedeater model TE400CXL

Single line trimmer head. Visit my channel for more repair videos; www.youtube.com Video Rating: 5 / 5 Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Weedeater electric, what is the best to use and affordable please read below ?

Ok here I am again, the 56 yr old dinosaur who can’t afford a man, I keep buying weedeaters and I can’t handle a gas one for health/physical reasons, but it seems that the string ones that you tap to get more line always seem to be more trouble than they are worth, they jam […]

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