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Am I lazy?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jun• 29•15

My wife says I’m “lazy” because I don’t want to cut the grass, use the edger and weedeater.

I disagree. I would say that in order to be lazy, I would have to expect to get the same results for less effort. That’s not true of me at all – I’m perfectly willing to accept having a yard that isn’t the nicest in the neighborhood if it means I have more free time.

I’m willing to mow when it gets really long – I don’t want to have the yard where the neighbors get together for an intervention. But I don’t think we have to worry about edging and all that stuff – nobody is going to knock on the door and complain that we need to edge.

So is it still lazy if you’re willing to accept the lowered standards?

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  1. Yellow Submarine says:

    ya a little

  2. Mmmmmmgood1981 says:

    I wouldn’t count this as lazy. I agree with you completely. Sounds like your wife is just trying to guilt you into it. I don’t care about my jeans being wrinkled, but my mom does. She actually irons hers – am I lazy because I don’t iron mine? I don’t think so.

    You would only be considered lazy if you expected HER to do it instead, as in YOU didn’t want to do it, but you wanted it done anyway.

  3. Baby Firefly says:

    Well, my dad died two years ago and I inherited the yard work. My mom told me that was what I had to do to stay there and it also helps me get exercise. After I edge the sidewalk, I’m proud that my yard looks better than the neighbors. I just don’t like to let the grass get too high because it bogs down the lawn mower.

    You ought to ask your wife if you could trade some of her duties on the inside for the yardwork and you might be in for a rude awakening – because my yard looks great but you wouldn’t want to see my room! lol

  4. nursesr4evr says:

    It doesn’t sound lazy to me. What’s the point in trying to impress the neighbors?

  5. Joshua G says:

    Yes, maybe you need to stop buying all of your Furniture from LA Z BOY.

  6. kelli s says:

    You might accept the lower standards but she doesn’t. It is the reverse in my house. I would rather have my husband help me inside with the kids sometimes (ok most of the time) but he insists on cutting the grass like twice a week! And weeding and planting and all of that crap. I could care less! He always tells me that it is easier for him to keep up with the grass if it doesn’t get too long. Maybe you could cut the grass and she could do all the edging and stuff. It is not lazy, it is just two different opinions on how one thing should be done!

  7. swamibluestar says:

    oh yea your gonna die j/k but you need to be more better

  8. Pretty birds says:

    I think that we are both lazy. You for asking the question and spending your time on answers instead of “edging” and me for answering your stupid question. JK

  9. Nina M says:

    I don’t think that it is lazy, although I do think that you should do it. I always want at least the outside of my home to be nice and neat. As where on the inside I might let it slide a day or two. Hope this helps…

  10. the9roamingngome:) says:

    You may want to edge your lawn. Just try it to help out!

  11. Karen B says:

    You are lazy to accept lower standards. Get off your butt and mow your lawn before it gets too long.

  12. King H says:

    You could do more but refuse to do so b/c you don’t feel like it. Yep, that’s being lazy.

  13. Sheriam says:

    Some people just don’t care about a meticulous yard; I agree, that doesn’t make you lazy. I don’t really care about a neat yard with every flower or leaf in place either, but I do put a lot of time in the vegetable garden at work, because I love that & think the results are more worth it. Life is about making choices, we don’t have time to be perfectionists about everything. However, if you’re accepting lowered standards in everything then I would suspect some laziness is involved 🙂

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