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Can cordless string trimmers cut thick grass?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Apr• 23•15

Question by Hal: Can cordless string trimmers cut thick grass?
Can a cordless string trimmer with a single .080 diameter line cut a combination of crabgrass, St. Augustine grass, and tall Fescue that needs to be lowered around sprinklers? Here are some specs: 3.0 Ah; 18V; No Load Speed- 5000 RPM; Run Time- 30 Minutes; Battery Type- Li-Ion; Number of Batteries- 1; 90 Minute charge time; Cutting Width- 12″. Thanks for any thoughts.

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Answer by Phred

I Have some of those with an electric trimmer. Battery ones
lose out against electric and electric are weaker than GAS ones.
Gas powered stuff seems to always need a tuneup of some sort.
I went to electric.

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  1. Me Too says:

    Yes but it takes longer to get the job done and if you have a lot to trim you might find the batteries don’t last long enough. This is assuming you trim often enough that they don’t get thick stalks when they go to seed.

  2. CGIV76 says:

    Battery trimmers are made for light work. The harder the work the more strain there is on the motor which reduces the speed and wears down the battery faster. You’ll be snapping more lines and recharging more batteries and the job may still not be accomplished.

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