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Can you use a 30 amp receptacle when you only need 15 amp? Can you run tools/weed eater on that receptacle?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 12•18

Thanks, BC

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  1. ROBERT K says:

    By the book NO. The circuit breaker is made to protect the wiring. If you increase the breaker size without increasing the wire size you will FRY the wiring and add the risk of fire. A 30amp receptacle is not configured for normal use anyway. A 110 volt plug will not fit.

  2. NBNair says:

    Yes, you can safely use a 30 amp receptacle where you need only 15 amps. It is absolutely safe and there will be no problem.

    If it would have been the other way it is dangerous – you should not run a 30 amp equipment on a 15 amp receptacle. It can over heat the circuitry and cause fire hazard.

  3. adam/penny says:

    i believe robert didn’t have the facts straight. i believe he reversed your figures.

  4. Michael says:

    I would make certain that it is only providing 110 – 120 VAC FIRST !! Most 30 amp receptacles are of a different configuration with the common or neutral pole slot being horizontal instead of vertical, are often used for either air conditioning units or sometimes are wired for 220 – 240 VAC USE !! So please, be safe and employ the use of a volt meter at least, to be certain that it is ONLY 110 – 120 VAC, and if so, then it should be safe to use.


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