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how do i install weedeater string? on a weed eater?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Sep• 22•17

on a cub cadet

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  1. Mel says:

    I’m a girl and i know how to do it, ask your daddy, honey

  2. master of all says:

    wow, i was afraid you wanted to install it on a bicycle! the best thing you can do is follow the directions that came with the weedeater, as they’re all different. if you don’t have the directions, go to the company’s website

  3. gands4ever says:

    that depends allot on the brand name whip you are using ! so how bout some more info !

  4. garden club says:

    First of all if the weedeater is electric, unplug it. You have to get the correct size weedeater string from Home Depot. The cap of the weedeater comes off by squeezing two smooth spots then it should lift up. When the cap is off you take the round string holder out. There is a hole on the inside of the string holder where you secure the end of the string. Once the string is secured you start rolling the string on… there is an arrow that tells which direction to wind the string. Be careful sometimes the string doesn’t wind correctly and just unwinds all over the place… then you have to start winding again. Once you have enough string wound on, there is hole on the side of the actual weedeater. You will have to pick up the weedeater, take the end of the string and put it through the hole on the weedeater, then carefully place the string holder back in place. There is only one way to put it in, the wound in string will show… the bottom of the string holder is closed not open like the top. Then you have to put the cap on. The string holder has two cut outs, the cap has two longer pieces that need to be placed by the two cut outs. The cap snaps on. DDDAAA DDDDAAA you’ve done it. I am a woman and have done this hundreds of times. I hope it helps.

  5. grannygrunt28391 says:

    Not all weed eaters are the same it best to find out from the company.

    Open this link
    Then this one it is the online manual
    This answers questions
    contact cub cadet

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