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how do you fix a weedeater?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Oct• 12•17

need to disassemble because head spins with no risistance

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  1. rives says:

    mine does that more expensive to take it to the repair shop just watch your feet while using it

  2. appaloosa_freak says:

    Um, I would say look at any owner’s manual it may’ve come with, and then consult a knowledgable neighbor. Or just ask at your local home improvement store (HomeDepot, Menards, etc.)

  3. Scottyboy says:

    So take it apart. Check it out. Be curious. Have fun.

  4. 572ci. says:

    Weedeater brand weeder? Anyway, you more then likely broke the flexible driveline.. take the engine off (couple bolts and screws) and take the shaft off.

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