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How do you start a Stihl weed eater?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Dec• 31•11

I’ve used one before when someone else started it for me… I pushed the fuel injector button 3 times already – what next? Also if you have any info on the gas/oil mixture that goes in it, that’d be awesome. Thanks!

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  1. keith j says:

    3 times ? looks like you have flooded it.
    Leave it alone for about 30 minutes until the mixture vapourises.
    Then try again.

  2. RScott says:

    40:1 ? let me go check – yep – thats what my RS55 takes.. Push three times, move the orange choke lever to the closed position, hold the throttle open and pull. Mine usually starts on the second pull. After it starts open the choke and your in business. RScott

  3. Joe W says:

    Make sure that you have fuel and that the spark plug is connected. Then put the choke on full and press the fuel bulb 6 times. Make sure the switch is on and pull the cord until the motor tries to start. Then take the choke off of full and set it to run. Pull the cord again and it should start.

  4. snowman says:

    Three times is the correct amount of fuel to start it.Slide the lever to the choke position and make sure you have a good grip and pull the start rope.Let it run for one minute and move the choke to the 1/2 position.After another minute move the choke to the run position and tear up those weeds and grass.Where long pants to do the job-little rocks and debris hurt when the bounce off of your shins.40-1 is the oil to fuel ratio.

  5. Joseph M says:

    Go to the Stihl web page and down load the owner’s manual for your model number. As far as oil to gas goes, I run 2.6oz to a gallon of gas in all my equipment and have never had a problem.

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