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how to figure what kind of weed whacker spool will fit for replacement?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 03•18

Question by : how to figure what kind of weed whacker spool will fit for replacement?
I have a stihl weed whcker very old no issues whatsoever besides the spool so I would like to buy a replacement, how will I kno which will fit..I’m buying online so i can’t jus bring it to the store thx

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Answer by MARK
It would probably be easier and cheaper to just go to a local store that sells Stihl products. Bring the spool that you want replaced with you.

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  1. Smokey da Bear says:

    Simple solution Mike is to enter the model number into any small engine replacement dealers search box. From there they will show you an exploded view of the whacker, and give you a part number. Once you have a part number use any search engine to find a replacement head. You should be aware that depending on it’s age you may find the part listed as unavailable or obsolete. If you have no luck online, find your local Stihl dealer and they may still have the part sitting on their shelf gathering dust. Here is a safe site I have ordered from in the past:


  2. Kenneth says:

    If you buy things like this off the I/N you are going to get the wrong thing as a general rule…Go to a Stihl dealer and save yourself some misery…

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