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I need a battery pack for my homelite touch start weedeater any info on where i can find one?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Apr• 27•10

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  1. HearKat says:

    You don’t list a model # or anything, but here’s what my search turned up. go through these sites, or add your model # to the search terms.

    or here’s the manufacturers home page:

  2. frozenloc2 says:

    go to jackssmallenignes.com On the homepage of the website click on look up parts, on the pull down menu click on homelite then enter model # and you get a complete breakdown of your weedeater with part numbers. They got the best prices on the internet

  3. javajoe says:

    Depending on where you are I would try Batteries Plus.They carry just about every type of battery out there. Good Luck !


  4. RoeB says:

    The part no for the battery pack is DA06965A Jack’s Small Engine cost is $39.84. You might also try a small dealer such as Bill Walcott at [email protected] He has been a Homelite dealer for over 50 years, and might give you a better price..

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