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John Deere XT170B Weedeater?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Aug• 13•17

We recently purchased a used John Deere XT170B weedeater. What type of string to you reload it with ? Is it the type on a spool or is it a single string that you insert and wind around the spool itself? Also, is 2 stroke and 2 cycle oil the same thing. I was told that is what you need to mix with 1 gallon of gas for the weedeater. Is there any where on line where you can find a manual for this model ?


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One Comment

  1. rustskipper says:

    Hey Innocent Cat,

    Look on the John Deere web site below. There is a ‘Line Trimmer’, section, where that model is not showing up. Did you buy this used?
    If so, you can send away to them for literature.

    Lowes sells trimmers, and the mix will be the same for the 2 cycle oil. Yes, they are the same thing, and you can buy pre-measured bottles, or larger quantities of the oil at most home garden stores.

    Perhaps the LE Model will be similar to the B model anyway.

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