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Ryobi model SS30 Weed eater hard starting.?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Sep• 28•14

I bought a RYOBI model SS30 last year brand new from the local home depot last year, and have used it only a few times. Every time I use it, it is having a hard time idling. I follow the start instructions to a tee. Step 1) Pump the bulb 7 times. Step 2) Rotate to full choke. squeeze throttle through step 7. Step 3) Pull until engine attempts to start. Step 4) Rotate to half choke. Step 5) Pull until start. Step 6) Run for 10 seconds. Step 7) Rotate to run. I have done this countless times, except pumping the bulb and it keeps dying. I can seem to get it to run in half choke mode but every time I turn the dial to run, it dies. When I DO get it to finally idle, and squeeze the throttle, It keeps wanting to die. At first, i though it was flooding, but if it is running on idle it shouldnt be. It only seems to be dying when I try to get it going fast. Does anyone have this model and any suggestions? I have checked the spark plug and for debris in the tank. The gas is good and the oil mixture is accurate. Now I will say that the gas has been sittting for about 3 months and maybe the oil has settled? I wouldn’t think so since I put the oil into the can and them the gas for a good mixture. THis is getting really frustrating. Should a brand new machine need to be checked so soon?

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  1. Discover More says:

    either your gas has gone bad or it needs the carburetor cleaned and maybe a new carburetor kit.fuel can go bad in as little as 30 days.hope this helps.

  2. renpen says:

    If your model has adjustable jets turn the low speed jet open 1/4 turn. The most common problem with small engines is the carburetor. I would try adjusting the jets and mixing some fresh fuel. If that doesn’t solve the problem I would rebuild the carburetor. Before you do that check all the fasteners on the carb that hold it to the engine. Make sure that they are tight.

  3. John says:

    I know this is an old thread, but for anyone else looking to buy a garbage ryobi, maybe I will save you some money. They are junk. I have bought two of them so far and they never get me past a season. I’ve rebuilt the carbs, sprayed and cleaned with carb cleaner. You may get them to run fine for two or maybe three uses, but they will just die again. I may take a sledge hammer to this one just to make myself feel better. As with everything bought at home depot, there is always a better place to go. You don’t see landscapers buying equipment from there, you know why? Because it is a place for stupid homeowners like us who want to save a buck and have a convenient one stop to go.

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