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Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 13•18

Question by ryerarero: Does anyone have a suggestion on a cheap but well made weed wacker?
I am looking for a cheap but well made weedwacker that will last longer than 1 summer. I am looking to spend less than $ 80. Thanks for your help.

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Answer by unclejoesband
Sorry. But when you buy cheap, you get cheap. Echo has quality machines that will last for years with a little care. I’ve had mine since 1993. It cost about twice what you’re looking to spend but you need to look at it as a long term investment. You can spend $ 80 now and in 2-3 years spend another $ 80 and so on through the years. In 16 years I’ve spent about $ 10 on repairs. (fuel line and fuel filters) A little more money now will give you years of trouble free use.

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