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Weedeater help?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Dec• 14•17

What might cause a weedeater to choke out and die when I try to accelerate it? Sometimes, when I can get it accelerated, it runs for a minute or so and then dies. I’ve changed the plug and keep fresh gas/oil in it. Any ideas??

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  1. cheezyhill says:

    It may be a case of bad gas, but more than likely that is not the case. It probably needs a “tune up”. This means that the tiny jets in the carburetor are a bit gummy and need cleaning and possibly resetting. If you are not familiar with small engines, it might be worth a trip to the repair shop, this time of year many small engine repair shops are offering spring tune up specials.

  2. Lacie says:

    maybe the gas/oil mixture, it should be mixed 50/50?

  3. renpen says:

    I agree that the carb needs to be cleaned and an rebuild kit installed. The kit is about $15 and it is an easy job.

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