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What is the best weed eater for the money? Also where is the best place to find it?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - May• 21•10

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  1. coolmanhatback says:

    Stihl Pro series. Check your local Stihl dealer.

  2. Ben H says:

    5 years ago, I purchased a Weed Eater brand weed eater from Wall- Mart for 69.95, and it still runs as good as new now…. hope it helps….

  3. lanigirl60 says:

    A goat, at your local farm. (jk)

  4. old man says:

    a goat on a farm

  5. leonard s says:

    echo brand are the best. but do not buy them in a big box store(same name differnt quality, costs about the same)

  6. wry humor says:

    Stihl is one of the best on the market. They have a full range of sizes too. There will probably be a Stihl dealership near you. Look in the Yellow Pages of your phone directory.

  7. renpen says:

    We could go on forever about which is best. But don’t buy a weed eater brand. It is made by Poulan which was bought out by a sewing machine company.

  8. orange man says:

    The best weedeater brand is the husquavarna, ive had one 327rj for years n use it to cut grass from 1″ tall to over 2 foot, it costed around 300$ but will outlast any weedeater if u take care of it

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