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What’s wrong with my weedeater?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Mar• 11•15

I have a weedeater (featherlight model) that has worked well last year and most of this. But lately I’ve had some trouble getting it to stay running and today… I can start it but can’t keep it running for more than a few seconds at a time. Any ideas?

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  1. smokey says:

    try changing the spark plug and cleaning the air filter.

  2. SPD says:

    1. your carberator may have a fuel jet clog … this will need to be taken apart and cleaned and gaskets changed. 2. Your gas is bad or may have condensation built up in it and water is in the fuel line/carb/piston and may be fouling up you plugs… 3. your spark plug needs replacing, some recomend changing the plug every season… 4. your choke lever may be not positioned correctly. Most repair places are not too expensive and it may still have the original warantee on it. If you have the time check the different things I mentioned, if not, try a repair place.

  3. Tom thumb says:

    Assuming you have clean fresh gas it seems like you need a new fuel pump diaphragm in the carb it comes in a kit, I just fixed mine ,also check behind the muffler for carbon buildup

  4. Bob says:

    How Big Is Your Yard – Look At The Black Sticker On The Side Of The Unit – It Will State That The Durrability Period Is 50 Hours. Have You Got Your 50 Hours Out Of It.

    Compression Less Than 90 Psi… Well… Two Cycles Need A Good 100 Psi To Run Right…

    You Might Check The Spark Plug – Black Wet Looking – Check You Spark Aresstor In You Muffler – Good Odds That’s It’s Plugged – Check Exhaust Port For Carbon Restriction.

    Spark Plug – Flesh Color Dry – Good Possibility Carb Kit Needed..,

    Doing Work Youself Go Ahead…

    Paying For It Kit +/- 12.00 To 15.00 Labor 0.6 Of An Hour @ $50.00 Per Hour =
    $30.00 + Kit = $45.00 To $50.00

    Featherlite At Wally World A Whole $70.00 Your Choice…

    In My Shop We Trash Them… Bob

    I Recommend Echo Or Stihl – Good Machines – Average Echo/Stihl Runs +/- 8 Years With Out Problems… “Just Fuel, String And Maybe A Button For The Cutting Head”

  5. jharri26 says:

    I have a gas weedeater that is hard to start or wont start at all now. I decided to go with an electric weedeater which is easier to use on my lawn and i don’t have to deal with all the maintenance and fumes of a gas powered one. Granted I have to roll out the cord but I think its worth it.

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