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where can i get parts for a Poulan Pro string trimmer?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 13•18

Question by EpicRacer: where can i get parts for a Poulan Pro string trimmer?
i have a Poulan pro trimmer thats a few years old and in need of a few parts. i specifically need to plastic piece that the pull starter wraps around and engages the flywheel on the engine. it looks like something that shouldn’t be too expensive.

id rather fix this trimmer than buy a new one. its cheaper and i really like the way it fits me. a lot of the new trimmer seem bulky and i have to hold them at an awkward angle.

Best answer:

Answer by equipment.dude
You should be able to get the parts you need here at Weed Eater World, try this link: www.weedeaterworld.com/Weed-Eater-Store/Store/Poulan-String-Trimmers

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