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Why won’t my weed eater stay running?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Feb• 23•13

My weed eater won’t stay running. I checked the spark plug… clean. I replaced all the dry-rotted tubing (with the correct type) that runs into and out of the gas tank. The air filter is new. I used the 50 to 1 mix that’s required. It will run for about 2 seconds after priming, choking and starting… then quits. What else should I do to it?

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  1. Gary S says:

    Maybe a small hole in the primmer bulb. I had this problem and that is what it was. Also maybe the carb needs adjusting or the air filter may need to be cleaned.

  2. Realityman says:

    weed eaters are very finicky testy little devils. i have to choke and then start mine 4-5 times before Birtha (i call my weedeater Birtha, my exwifes name)will finally start warming up enough to keep running. There is usually a fuel adjustment screw that you can screw or unscrew to let more or less fuel in the motor. Play with that like i did and it may run and start better.

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