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Wondering how to load line for a Craftsman 358.745501, weed eater.?

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Sep• 27•17

I am just stuck on how to load line for this weed eater! I know this is usually the easiest thing, but I am unable to figure it out.

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  1. bushmaster8 says:

    I have no experience with your model of string trimmer, but have owned and used many different brands over the years.

    Usually, the line spool has a “knob” on the bottom, which is used to bump on the ground to extend line, AND to remove the line spool from the spindle cup. The spool is removed by pulling outward on the knob.

    Normally, the line spool has a small hole in the bottom of each line storage section. You insert the end of the line into that hole, and then wind the new line in the direction indicated by an arrow EMBOSSED [sometimes difficult to see!] into the bottom [usually] flange of the spool.

    Usually, the bottom flange of the spool will have small slots which are temporarily used to capture and temporarily hold the line(s) until the spool has been reinserted into the spindle cup at the end of the trimmer.

    IF your spool uses two lines, then do the section next to the slots [the bottom of the spool] FIRST. Then do the upper. Be sure to securely insert/embed the line ends in the capture slots because if they “pop” out, then the line will “unspool,” create a mess, and you will have to start over again.

    After “locking” the line in the capture slot, cut the line so that a “pigtail” of about 5 to 6 inches extends beyond the capture slot.

    After the line(s) is loaded and locked in the capture slots, align the spool with the spindle cup, insert the line pigtails into the holes [180 degrees opposite to each other] in the cup, and then fully insert the spool assembly into the spindle cup.

    The spool is captured in the cup with a spring loaded clip, so it often requires a pretty hard whack to get the spool to fully seat and lock in.

    Once spool is properly and securely intalled in the cup, Tug {pull, usually requires a very hard pull] on the pigtails to release them from the capture slots.

    IF the lines are not fully extended to reach the “trim” cutter blade on the safety shield, then once the engine is running, bump the spool on the ground to allow the line to fully extend until trimmed to the right length by the small cutter blade.

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