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Cold start a busted Troy Bilt weed eater.

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 27•18

Its not very old and it runs awesome, but the head is broke and I cannot find one to fit it, it was given to me.

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  1. Echosrm230 says:

    thanks a lot

  2. AOO08DOYOUHEAR says:

    Haha yeah good observation though

  3. Echosrm230 says:

    oh never mind than

  4. AOO08DOYOUHEAR says:

    see my reply to Echosrm230. Thanks for watchin

  5. AOO08DOYOUHEAR says:

    Haha loose washer on the drive shaft rattling because there is no head attached =p

  6. Echosrm230 says:

    the engine is pinging or premature detionating from low grade gas.

  7. MrMoterKid says:

    nice cold start, but whats causing the clinging noise when its running?

  8. AOO08DOYOUHEAR says:

    Not for sale, I looked all over the state and I finally found a head that would fit. Well actually its two. I found a head that would attach but it was meant to spin the opposite way so I bought it and then another that had the right internals.

  9. demsickrims says:

    how much do u want 4 the weed eater?

  10. AOO08DOYOUHEAR says:

    Your welcome, thanks for watching.

  11. Hugocamberos says:

    ok thanks for telling me though

  12. AOO08DOYOUHEAR says:

    I’d take $250 but it is not mine. It is a piece of crap though

  13. Hugocamberos says:

    how much do u want for that dirt bike in there

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