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Cold Start My New Homelite Mightylite 26SS Trimmer

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 11•18

Cold start and overview of my brand new trimmer, and starting up the Stihl FS-38

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. pivotboy63 says:

    just got one of these for 10 bucks, except its the cs, not the ss. it had a broken cable in the shaft and it needed a diaphram kit for the carb. oh and a new primer bulb

  2. Rarrin9378 says:

    Homelite is actually a really good brand it’s sad how much people hate the company.

  3. Jon3800 says:


    stihl works fine

  4. SuperBigEv says:

    id hope you think the stihl works good! oh and its pronounced “steel”

  5. 12345678910yu says:

    check out my weed wack video love yours

  6. Jon3800 says:


    My friend has the newer CS model and it has drive clutch. I prefer direct drive myself, you don’t have to rev too much

  7. pimpinpenz says:

    these would be the ultimate trimmer if they have a clutch. i have the exact same one except mines a cs

  8. vjp333 says:

    I bought 2 Homelites in ’07, within a year they both failed. On the leaf blower the fuel line completely disintegrated and turned into debris; on the Mightylite 26ss trimmer the fuel line was made of a better material which didn’t fail, but the engine never ran reliably and dies whenever it is throttled up. I brought my 10-year-old Weedeater out of retirement (it just needed a new fuel tank and fuel line), and will get rid of the Homelite. They’re junk, in my experience.

  9. MilesPrower88 says:

    I bought 2 of these brand new from HH ReStore for $35ea. because they would not start.
    I added some oil, gas, and a small bit of 99% Isopropanol to them and they run perfectly. The “extra” oil keeps it well lubricated and the isopropanol keeps the carbon away and lowers emissions.
    I use one at home and am now selling the other mint condition one for $70 on Kijiji Kitchener (Craigslist in U.S).
    Great Stuff!

  10. Jon3800 says:


    right on

  11. SuperKONR says:

    @kawasakibayou220 Thats for the full crank engines. This is a half crank without a removable head. I removed the two cips on the haf crank and hit both ends with a very large hammer but it won’t budge. 🙁

  12. kawasakibayou220 says:

    @SuperKONR its not hard you pull the head off and take the piston off then you pull of the fly wheel and hit the shaft with a hammer it sounds bad on them but its not all you got to worry about is the seal on the crank shaft

  13. Bamazrollin says:

    I bought one of these a year ago and so far it’s been great! I had to return THREE different brands before I found this one and It gives me no problems at all..

  14. Jon3800 says:


    only thing I have trouble with it is the cold start, but just like other homelite engine because of the mis-adjusted factory carb and the half crank mechanism, other than that I have no other problems. I use it commercially. I’m sorry if yours doesnt work

  15. flynnlandscaping says:

    @Jon3800 my grandpa has one and when i mow the lawn there i always bring my redmax because his never starts and always breaks down

  16. Jon3800 says:


    Its not a piece of shit.. I’ve owned it over a year and my Stihl breaks down more often than this one

  17. flynnlandscaping says:

    peice of shit

  18. Jon3800 says:


    don’t know, never took one out

  19. SuperKONR says:


  20. Jon3800 says:


    I could have but I didn’t think at the time. It’s a solid and balanced trimmer, a lot lighter than the FS-38, and performs as good

  21. th19940305 says:

    Oh, u could have got a good lightly used one off craigslist for the price of the curved one

  22. Jon3800 says:


    I didn’t have enough money to blow on a Stihl straight shaft…now I have one a stihl FS-70RC-E

  23. th19940305 says:

    U should have just originally got a stihl straight shaft trimmer?

  24. Jon3800 says:


    did not have a good working straight shaft

  25. th19940305 says:

    If you have a stihl why did you buy a homelite?

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