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Demonstrating the blower attachment for the John Deere weedeater.

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 14•18

I had a request to show how well the blower attachment works. It is an expand it brand but works with most weedeaters that accept attachments. It works just as good as most blowers and saves on how much equipment you have to keep around and maintain.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. pimpinpenz says:

    @FANADICALCOWHEAD im not to sure lol i only did it for an experiment! and im tired of people commenting this is fake its obviously not fake im not out there to trick any one like wtf theres no way this is fake!


    At first I thought this was fake, but then I decided I was going to donate my weed wacker to my school because it wasn’t worth fixing. (it pissed gas everywhere)
    So then I thought, lets see if it actually works on diesel, two pulls later I was amazed!
    But a quick question, how long will this fix last?

  3. pimpinpenz says:

    @brodie1709 oh yeah a nice smelling one too

  4. brodie1709 says:

    @pimpinpenz well if anything it makes a good smoke screen.

  5. fairyheli2 says:

    @brodie1709 if anything much less

  6. pimpinpenz says:

    @brodie1709 nope lol

  7. brodie1709 says:

    does this give it more torque?

  8. 5mrmotor says:

    it is by defenition not a diesel becouse it is not using compression ignition, keep working with them, always fun!!
    P.S. please dont run your engines in the dirt anymore not a good habit 🙂

  9. meetmeatthearmpit says:

    OMG! Red tiger! 150 headshots!

  10. Haywire6000 says:

    It really isn’t a conversion if you still have the spark plug and if you also have to start it with fuel. Besides that engine doesn’t have the compression diesel needs to burn right.

  11. GandywareRepairs says:

    Sweet. Thanks. I will try it as soon as I buy some diesel. All my equipment is gas powered.

  12. pimpinpenz says:

    @GandywareRepairs u dont need to convert it just run it on diesel if she doesnt start right away richen out the mix and start it off with gasoline down the air intake then it will just start right up trust me ive done it with 2 trimmers

  13. GandywareRepairs says:

    Hard to believe, but I think it might be possible. I might try to convert one. I have a TON of old weedeaters laying around

  14. pimpinpenz says:

    @GandywareRepairs it was indeed running on PURE 100% DIESEL

  15. GandywareRepairs says:

    Diesel dosent work with a carb. You adjust fuel flow for revs. Not airflow like on a carb. Cant fool me.

  16. pimpinpenz says:

    @UBERKron i know i was a litter harsh 🙁 but he was implying i was stupid. i dont take kindly to that. umm i was running straight diesel

  17. UBERKron says:

    you are pretty harsh on petterdiesel. do you mix oil with the diesel? i think you would need less. nothing will stop that cloud though.

  18. fairyheli2 says:

    take that greenpeace!

  19. ELPISON1000 says:

    SILENCE ! I’LL KILL YOU !!!!!!!!!

  20. pimpinpenz says:

    @petterdiesel ok so now your implying im sutpid. i know how diesels work the work off of compression NO SPARK REQUIRED but this is a simple fuckin 2 stroke engine that doesnt have the same compression ratio as a diesel.thanks for the comments tho i hope you have fun being blocked.

  21. petterdiesel says:

    @pimpinpenz No, No, No, You got all wrong, A spark plug does not work like a glow plug. A spark plug fires at every powerstroke igniting the gas, Or in your weedeater the diesel fuel. A glow plug in a diesel just heats up the cylinder, They do not ignite the fuel. now, I am not trying to affend you by saying your stupid, But I think you need to study the theory behind the diesel.

  22. pimpinpenz says:

    @petterdiesel yes you are correct. a weedeater doesnt have enough compression to run a like a diesel it is far from. but the spark plug almost acts as a glow plug . but the way you see it yes it is just like using deisel as a type of gasoline

  23. petterdiesel says:

    @pimpinpenz But you miss my point, I know the difference between gas and diesel. The spark plug is igniting the diesel fuel, Unless you have turned of the switch. But I don’t think so, A weed eater doesn’t have enough compression to dieselize.

  24. pimpinpenz says:

    @petterdiesel its running on diesel not gasoline. diesel is in deed harder to ignite. why would you compare diesel to gasoline? yes they are both fuel but they do have different properties

  25. petterdiesel says:

    You are actually not doing anything. It’s just running like a regular gas engine, The spark plug ignites the gas, It’s just a little harder to burn, That’s why it smokes so much and is hard to start.

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