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Echo Weedeater Startup

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 19•18

2cycle 21.2cc with clutch

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  1. tylan13chuck says:

    I have the exact same one and during hot weather it tends to have trouble starting and cold weather its no problem. Its not old either. my grandpa has one to that hast been startud in two years LOL.

  2. golfcarttractor says:

    Yep, Echos are the best!!

  3. 1972FordF150 says:

    idk about redmax and shitdiwa’s but Echo’s are the top of the line of any brand!!!

  4. golfcarttractor says:

    Yep, the Echos are great, my mom will even use this one without complaining lol,

  5. adb140275 says:

    i have a mcculloch mac 80a thats made my echo, its the early version of the gt200r, i love it

  6. mxcnprd10 says:

    I recently bought a Echo “17 SRM-225 for $220.
    It works extremely well, starts every time, with effortless pulling.
    It’s lightweight too, if you set up the handle bars properly.

  7. candvlawn says:

    I have the straight shaft one and love it. Its like 6 years old and starts on the 2nd pull. I also have the echo blower and its great. both will start fast. and powerfull as heck. I fired the blower this winter on the second pull in 20 deg. weather, very impressive.

  8. ArmyBoy015 says:

    im from england, there are shit loads od brushcutters to choose from, husqvarna, stihl, honda, ryobi(shit), mcculloch(shit), what is echo, redmax and shindaiwa’s like?

  9. golfcarttractor says:

    Well, if I happened to have an extra $100 to spend at the time, it would be a straight shaft, but this works perfectly for the $160 I paid for it.

  10. seafood360 says:

    straight shaft r best

  11. samnerferboy says:

    Homelite sucks balls!!! i bought a mightylite homelite and it sucked. i am thinking of buying the same one from%2Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
    Cache-Control: max-age=0

    omedepot. the only better brand is stihl but echo is the best for home use. Stihl are a bit pricey but are first pull starters. :p

  12. gajda1984 says:

    I know! my homelite hates idling.

  13. golfcarttractor says:

    home depot, no i did not tune it up you put a gallon of gas in a container then you pour 1 bottel of echo 2cycle oil into the gallon thats it!

  14. Leehuynh1 says:

    Golfcarttractor where did you buy yours at? maybe i am going to buy a echo straight shaft trimmer srm 210 at Homedepot did you tune it up? what is gas oil ratio?

  15. golfcarttractor says:

    yep, i also got a homelite and i really dont use it at all echo is the best.

  16. cheryyLoVeR says:

    same. my homelite sucked and it was always hard to start. my echo starts 2-3 pulls withut priming

  17. golfcarttractor says:

    i love it runs great and has plenty of power and it was only 160 bucks so much better than those craftsman ones plus it has a 5 year warranty.

  18. cheryyLoVeR says:

    i have the same one- its amazing-how u like it?

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