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How to Replace Trimmer Line

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Dec• 16•17

Watch this video for professional advice on replacing line in single line trimmer heads, double line trimmer heads, and speed feed trimmer heads. Read this video’s repair article: www.ereplacementparts.com Trimmer line: www.ereplacementparts.com Trimmer heads: www.ereplacementparts.com

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  1. freshG214 says:

    This Helped Alot, Thanks!

  2. NightPlayer1976 says:

    Thanks for taking the time to make this video. You made it look very simple and you gave clear instructions. Now I’m going outside and restring my double line trimmer.

  3. eReplacementParts says:

    @dustybum Thank you for watching!


  4. dustybum says:

    Thanks for the very clear explanations.

  5. Response166 says:

    Very nice video.

  6. eReplacementParts says:

    @cwilbr That’s great to hear that the video still helped you, even though the trimmer head styles were a little different. It was hard to settle on just these two sample standard trimmer heads for the video, but we were hoping the two of them would cover most of the bases. Guess it worked out OK! Thanks for watching and thanks for the great comment!

  7. cwilbr says:

    That last one is awesome! Mine is a cross between the first and second styles – it has 2 lines but has the ‘slotting in’ mechanism that the first single line type has. Easy enough to work out how it worked once the line has run out, I saw two holes where they were plugged into the spool feeder then wrapped them around in the two chambers evenly (the prepacked ones from the factory when I bought the trimmer was wound too-tight I think for it kept jamming up) I didn’t jam up the head with weeds.

  8. RangaAU1985 says:

    WOW made it look so much more simple than I do lol. Thanks a heap!!

  9. eReplacementParts says:

    @mrblk001 Our pleasure.

  10. eReplacementParts says:

    @nwosigns Any time. Thanks for the thanks!

  11. mrblk001 says:

    Thanks a million. You’ve made my life so much easier. lol

  12. nwosigns says:

    Awesome thanks.

  13. Donald says:

    this was a very good and simple repair.good video.Thanks.

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