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Land Scaper Starter Business

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Dec• 26•17

LandScaper Package 326P4 Pole Saw, 326HD75x Hedge Trimmer, 123HD60 Hedge Trimmer, 326RJX Weed Eater, 5521 CM Push Mower, 170 BT Back Pack Blower, Spade Shovel, Flat Shovel, Broom, Leaf Rake, Leveling Rake, Hula Hoe, and Trailer !

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  1. JTrc101 says:

    Thank you very much for that catch I didn’t say it on the video but we do give safety Lessons Every month on using equipment through Husqvarna Training courses. Free Pizza and soda to show up. But yeah I do have other saws for this package and they can add or take away units they don’t need to make it cheaper ! Thanks again !

  2. albe013 says:

    if i can please say something iwould say
    please loos the top handled chainsaw unless you are going up trees a ordainary saw will do unless you are trained to use its a bit dangerous most landscapers only need a saw of between 35 to 50cc
    but a very good idea for a starter setup for somebody

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