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Poulan cold start

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 07•18

this is my poulan weed eater lawn tractor its about 10 years old and still starts up and runs great, i did paint the muffler orange with engine header paint but some burnt off because it didnt want to cure the part i painted was really really rusted and i mainly did it so i could keep the frame in good condition, before i painted i scraped most of the bubled up rust with a wire brush and then sanded it, after that i painted it with some rust killer then rinsed it off, after i let it dry i flat blacked it with about two coats and clear coated it about 2 and a half coats, half because there were spots i missed but yep, i plan on getting this old craftsman from my uncle im going to turn into a monster energy racing mower, put a drop on it and do a reverse pully size on there possibly shorten the governor spring but it needs a lot of work, its almost all rusted

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  1. psyfertech says:

    thanks and yes it did but they broke off

  2. LaPavoniMac says:

    the chevy logo is awesome. did it come with lights? I see the holes.

  3. psyfertech says:

    thanks, yeah im not exactly sure i want to say like sears or somewhere like that is where my uncle got it, its over 10 years old
    yeah its been workin good and i think i will revert back to rubber hose because that clear stuff just looks like it would mess up

  4. LynolsOffice says:

    Nice little tractor. What store was that originally bought at? No one around here seems to sell Poulan tractors, but every now and then I see someone who has a fairly new one and wonder where they bought it! Oh, and those fuel filters are pretty good, been using them for years. I used to use the clear gas line too, but I have had a few problems with them; they get brittle over time and fog up, they also seem to shrink after a while, so I went back to rubber ones.

  5. psyfertech says:

    hah thanks

  6. TechnologysFinest says:

    Nice, I love the Chevy logo at the front 🙂

  7. psyfertech says:

    haha yeah i just did it cuz i had an extra chevy emblem, i think its iight but i might take it off in the future

  8. psyfertech says:

    yeah niice man

  9. Porsche1080 says:

    a chevy lawn mower


  10. paulbreor says:

    yea, i cant wait to see!

  11. richthecardude94 says:

    looks like my scotts same shifter tho mines an 01 and it was free just the batt needed to charge

  12. EXOcontralto says:

    Sexy sexy!

  13. psyfertech says:

    yeah i love it as well but with spray paint its so hard to get it to look rite because i mean i still couldnt get mine to look professional because i mean its like almost impossible, when i paint the racing mower im gonna use a cup gun with good paint

  14. sebastianthe4th says:

    lol Thats sweet man, We have very similar taste in things. I am a huge fan of flat black and i am always messing with anything i have with an engine on it lol great stuff

  15. psyfertech says:

    lol, thanks man
    oh yeah chevy is niiiice
    i just cant wait till i can get started on that craftsman lt 1036 i plan on making a monster energy style of a mower, black with green accents and monster decals, gonna be awesome

  16. paulbreor says:

    that thing is sweet.

  17. audiogod9000 says:


    but HAHA Chevy,lol , at least it anit DODGE.

  18. psyfertech says:

    hah, i like both i do wish i could have put a ford one on there but chevy emblem is all i had

  19. comphelpwithsam says:

    AHHH! chevy blah FORD PWNS 😀

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