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Ryobi 825R 4 Stroke Weed Trimmer Engine Part 1

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Oct• 18•17

My first 4 stroke trimmer engine and it is awesome! I bought it from a guy and he said that it wasn’t running after being stored in his garage for 1 1/2 year, so after buying it for . I brought it home and try to start it, after 5 pulls it ran like a dream. After a good clean up I ported the exhaust muffler and it runs a little bit better but the carb is running real lean. The only downside is the clutch bell has bad bushing but everything else is fine. I will mod the carb soon or replace it and a new clutch bell if I can find one. Engine size is 26.2cc.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. NairbXFilms says:

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  2. rockford74 says:


  3. clonesandbriggs says:

    think back pressure

  4. ils360 says:

    tru tru

  5. 30GB says:

    if i do need more hp i need to replace the carb, port the head and put a straight pipe

  6. ils360 says:

    it should have a lot more hp and tork if you choose to use it like that

  7. 30GB says:

    read the video description its a 26.2cc

  8. ils360 says:

    that would work GOOD on a gas scooter what cc is it???

  9. Jonah says:

    I have one of these and the starter crank won’t move. Any ideas?

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