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Ryobi es30 Electric Start Weedeater

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 27•18

Hey guys check this weedeater out! Electric start plus it runs like a 4cycle due to the 50:1 oil mix

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. addii578 says:

    @trinoma88 lol ill make another one and im in the us we got this on sale at home depot for 119.99 regular 179$ ill try to get out and get it going tomarro i havent started it in a while

  2. trinoma88 says:

    @addii578 nice to hear that, i saw one with starter on sale here for 65 US dollars in my country and plan on getting one again. got my non starter one for 40 US dollars only and i am happy with it. Thanks for the update hope you make another video of it. lol

  3. addii578 says:

    @trinoma88 its still running quite well although i have barely broken it in. i blew leaves with it 3 times with a blower attachment and i have edged with it and weedeated one yard. it runs nice id recommend it. my dad pretty much took it after i got the stihl fs130 lol

  4. trinoma88 says:

    @addii578 hello. how’s your Ryobi doing , is it good? i plan to get one with a starter too. Very nice video !

  5. addii578 says:

    @96derricktf i think that was my camera

  6. 96derricktf says:

    at 316 at the back of there was a flash

  7. addii578 says:

    @th19940305 well at the time my old ryobi has a broken pullstring and the other 790r had no fuel lines
    my SS30 was trashed and i had no weedeater

  8. th19940305 says:

    why did you buy a brand new one if youve got some weedeaters

  9. Chrisgarage1 says:

    @addii578 Lol thats good then! ill have to try and get one.

  10. addii578 says:

    @Chrisgarage1 yeaaa lol idk if they will ever “go off sale” its been marked down for like a month now lol

  11. Chrisgarage1 says:

    @addii578 sweet man, ill have to check it out. maybe if they have a sale on them again in the future i can get one.

  12. addii578 says:

    @psyfertech haha i know idk if ill be worrying about it running out of power easily though after u start it once itll pretty much start in 1-2 turnovers so 😀

  13. psyfertech says:

    @addii578 haha i was gonna say that would really suck if your stuck with a dead battery and thats the only weed wacker u got lol

  14. addii578 says:

    @Chrisgarage1 yea it is nice and its powerful too it has a 50:1 oil mix unlike the usual 40:1 or 32:1 so the engine is different it also seems to have an auto choke too
    it only cost 119.99 home depot marked it down from like 200 u might wanna check around id seriously suggest this if its marked down

  15. addii578 says:

    @psyfertech yea it does thank god lol

  16. psyfertech says:

    thats pretty sweet, does it have a backup pull start just incase u have a dead battery

  17. Chrisgarage1 says:

    that thing is nice! the electric start works good too it seems. i bet that cost quite a bit tho. but its nice!

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