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Stihl FS110 Trimmer

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 24•18

Start and run of our Stihl FS110 trimmer

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  1. noah3824 says:

    @TheTrainguy10 4- mix is two cycle, just look on the stihl website

  2. noah3824 says:

    @ils360 still 2, i dont know why they called it 4-mix

  3. roberto25721 says:

    looks sweet

  4. leonardo1480 says:

    nice how they cut through like a hot knife and butter !

  5. specialk18701 says:

    and it is punctured because the plastic of the bulb was getting hard and old and it was just the combo of the head and a fingernail.

  6. GSRGOPEDRIDER247 says:

    how did you get the download ability?

  7. TheTrainguy10 says:

    i got a stihl fs 150m 2 cycle extreme persicenes plus is uses the same horse pwr engien although its two cycle

  8. noob4u1010 says:

    i just got one of these today, its awsome!!

  9. BaseballFreak1468 says:

    do you always dress that nice when you are going to trim? lol

  10. ils360 says:

    4 cycle??

  11. therockkkkher says:

    noob4u1010, na, i got a fs110 and its pretty light!!

  12. b250xrider says:

    put u a primer bulb on that sombitch and quit playin games…

  13. urkingod says:

    I also learned to soak the line in water… many professional landscapers seems to do this and line almost never breaks. I will give it a try and see.. Thanks!

  14. starshock01 says:

    yeah try heavy duty trimmer sticks, they last longer then spool wire and do a better job

  15. Stihlmaster says:

    all you have to do is go to the stihl dealer and buy a pre measured amount of oil for how much gas you have super easy.

  16. urkingod says:

    Is this FS 110 or FS 110R ?? its just does not seems to work too good along the fence line both chain link and wood. Also foundation house area.

  17. woodyate says:

    those bulbs rot after a couple of years, dang workers always tearin up stuff

  18. urkingod says:

    could you explain to me about how to mix 50:1 ratio on the Gasoline ?? I am just used to mixing one tiny 2 cycle engine oil to 1 gallon of clean gasoline and that’s it…

  19. urkingod says:

    Hi, I got mine today for $100. But it was used FS85. I heard steel blades are too dangerous to use on any of the weed trimmer. But anyway, will see how I can learn to use it properly, right now my arms and hands get shaky after 5 min. of use. its heavy!

  20. MrMoterKid says:

    I cant believe that someone managed to actually puncture the primer, theyre hard to break, my old ones still have the original ones

  21. TheAdf8585 says:

    from the look of ur shitty yard i would never buy that fucking thing two thumbs down on this video

  22. noob4u1010 says:

    the stihl 4 mix engine has good torque but is it heavier than a 2 stroke engine of the same power?echo and stihl all the way!!!

  23. theEchosrm210 says:

    yeah that would increace the ratings!!!!!!!

  24. logginall says:

    We use FS 250r s and they fucking scream

  25. GarrettJDB says:

    yes its a four stroke

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