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Trash Picked Stihl FS200

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Oct• 13•17

Works like a dream but a bitch to clean lol Took me almost 2 days to get it cleaned up and going because it had so much muck and worn out parts on it but all i did was clean the engine inside out and 2 hours of tuning the worn carb it runs. Still bit hard to get going but when its warmed up it runs great.

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  1. MrThisIsMeToo says:

    “Most highest quality”??? WTF school do you go to?

  2. 30GB says:

    @Mrtocoolforyou12 it rains like 3 times every week so dont need to

  3. Mrtocoolforyou12 says:

    @30GB do you water it? so it can grow faster

  4. 30GB says:

    @Mrtocoolforyou12 yeah with my tiny lawn LOL going have to wait another 2 weeks for the grass to grow since i usually cut once a month since my grass barely grows

  5. Mrtocoolforyou12 says:

    can you do a trimming video?

  6. mipkay says:

    @30GB sorry i forgot its just for hand tools really 😡

  7. 30GB says:

    @mipkay life time? yeah right but maby long term warranty but it didnt break it yet just very worn

  8. mipkay says:

    @30GB U should be able to find clutch parts everywhere, because they probably break all the time when they are run so hard (ebay, google it). and if im correct, doesn’t stihl have a lifetime warrantee? Or do you need a receipt/ proof of purchase?

  9. 30GB says:

    @mipkay yep for sure but all im worried about is the clutch bell because its about to let go soon and the clutch too so if i ever find another one ill try to fix this one or use this as parts

  10. mipkay says:

    dude i guarantee u it was owned by a landscaping company, there always beat to sht like that. i got 3 of them, and they all where caked in dirt and had low compression, i put new rings on them anyway because they where shindaiwas. Very indistrial, motorcycle style carbs, dual rings, all tht fun stuff.

  11. chrilla1980 says:

    @pimpinpenz ok lj

  12. 1972FordF150 says:

    That’s a nice weedwacker man !

  13. KhmerDuval says:

    that trimmer cost $450 brand new lucky you found it

  14. 30GB says:

    @Rarrin9378 well i had a homelite and i thought it was the best but till i got this so bye bye homelite lol

  15. Rarrin9378 says:

    @30GB Lol, My homelite trimmer has been the best trimmer i have ever owned i had an echo actually went through 2 and they both ran like crap and smoked to high hell. My homelite doesn’t do any of that i love it!

  16. spitzification14 says:

    good find

  17. 30GB says:

    @chrilla1980 yep but videos are so big in size and takes forever to upload

  18. 30GB says:

    @Rarrin9378 my ass its the best weed trimmer i got in like…ever lol i owned over maby 7 weed eaters and repaired like 30 of them over the years but this is the best out of all of them even when its worn out

  19. Rarrin9378 says:

    Seems like a piece of shit to me. I never really have cared for stihl trimmers, I bought a homelite and i have used it commercially and it runs perfect.

  20. pimpinpenz says:

    @chrilla1980 idn

  21. chrilla1980 says:

    @pimpinpenz Know what?
    We can already see who wrote the first comment so the pont of writing “first” while being first is?
    Just wondering.

  22. pimpinpenz says:

    @chrilla1980 yep always good to know 🙂

  23. chrilla1980 says:

    Shot with a samsung cam 😉

  24. chrilla1980 says:

    @pimpinpenz Ok thanks…now we know.

  25. pimpinpenz says:

    first yet again

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