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Trash picked WeedEater 22″ Mower

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Jan• 08•18

Runs great, has a 3.75 Sprint II.

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  1. scottbrown101 says:

    i love those motors

  2. 1972FordF150 says:

    but from teh cheap 20 inch weedeater I have the deck is thicker and the engine is
    .25 HP more wich you arn’t gonna notice .25 HP might as well be 3.5 HP

  3. golfcarttractor says:

    Yep, pretty much.

  4. 1972FordF150 says:

    I know what that’s about it’s just a money scam to make ppl think that there getting sonething better, when it’s the exact same thing

  5. golfcarttractor says:

    Yep, just a different sticker on the shroud.

  6. 1972FordF150 says:

    what the hell there is no diff. but a differnt name what the??

  7. golfcarttractor says:

    They’re the same!

  8. 1972FordF150 says:

    those sprint engines look no differnt than the classic engines!!!!!!!

  9. golfcarttractor says:

    About $35.

  10. biggray94 says:

    what would the trimmer sell for?

  11. hamtalker2007 says:

    man it looks like it is not all that old good find man alsome.

  12. golfcarttractor says:

    Most people do. They just keep the oil that came with the mower in it, which is light break in oil, and that gets used by the engine, then it throws its rod!

  13. Titliest07 says:

    yeah they ran it with 0 oil

  14. NRP1991 says:

    ahh nice!!!!!

  15. TNJfarm says:

    nice job, my friend Alan has basically the same mower in fact its in my video list if you haven’t seen it nice job though.

  16. golfcarttractor says:

    Thanks, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

  17. cjacustomwoodworking says:

    It amazes me how you find these things. That is a nice little push mower. Good job.

  18. golfcarttractor says:

    I suppose, but it starts first pull every time…

  19. golfcarttractor says:

    I doubt that, you said you couldn’t even start it???

  20. Smallgasengine1 says:

    can u do a video starting the craftsman honda mower

  21. Titliest07 says:

    i blew it up

  22. golfcarttractor says:

    That’s a lot for a basic mower like this is.

  23. golfcarttractor says:

    I think the Sprint is the same as a Classic, just a different name. Yep, I tried that out! I’m pretty happy with the fullscreen. Thanks for the suggestion to use that!

  24. golfcarttractor says:

    Oh yeah, you had one like this huh?

  25. themaritimeman says:

    Cool! I’ve never heard of the Briggs Sprint series engines. It looks similar to the Classic series – same engine?

    I see you tried the yt:crop tag, and it seems to have worked well – good man!

    Great video!

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