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Weedeater Eats Black Powder and Explodes ! Part 1

Written By: Weed Eater Guy - Dec• 16•17

This Little Homelite was hungry for a cocktail of black powder and Pyrodex. This is he propor way to Blow up an engine.***** See part 2 after.*****

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. pivotboy63 says:

    @Dustpan95 a briggs would keep running like nothing happened, they are SUPER reliable

  2. copkilling745 says:

    @twostrokeornill1 i cant haha but that was fuckin awsome!!

  3. twostrokeornill1 says:

    @copkilling745 You’re “Stupider” for watching. Beat it

  4. copkilling745 says:

    your stupid

  5. Splundo says:

    Im so glad I watched ’till the end, very good.

  6. Dustpan95 says:

    That was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!! WOOW!! Lets do that to a Briggs and Stratton!!

  7. twostrokeornill1 says:

    @9316080 Hell Yea !! Don’t forget the gloves, Safety Glasses AND the Camera !

  8. 9316080 says:

    i have one of these old homelites and i need to do that to it IT SUCKS!!!

  9. cameramonkey2 says:

    now thats entertainment! Thumbs Up!

  10. stingraystud says:

    that was freakin hilarious did not see that one coming lol

  11. hazzaslim says:

    skip tp 2:57

  12. MyKubotaAUS says:

    whoa nasty

  13. FatGuyWithAKatana says:

    i don’t think it liked it too much

  14. highdeserthater says:

    HOLY!!!!! dude that was killer! YEAHHH!!!!!

  15. Crazyjoshman says:

    @twostrokeornill1 oh ha ha nice

  16. twostrokeornill1 says:

    @Crazyjoshman “Safety Glasses” 🙂

  17. Crazyjoshman says:

    Do you have eyebrows anymore? ha ha ha

  18. MrVeitB says:

    That was entertaiment! 😉

  19. twostrokeornill1 says:

    @sasukeuchihayou Thanx Man !

  20. sasukeuchihayou says:

    that… was…….FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

  21. bellerve201 says:

    HOLY S*** !!!!!!!!!

  22. brety099 says:

    ya that wuz the coolest at the end jus put it all in there what he hell that wuz awsome tho lol

  23. twostrokeornill1 says:

    @booyea101 Kinda.- I wore gloves and safety glasses because I figured something might come apart, but yea, it DID get my attention !! Cheers, DM.

  24. booyea101 says:

    HOLY FUCK! that..was..AWESOME!! i bet that scared the shit outta you!

  25. suzukiholdenman says:

    What’s wrong with the vid? It won’t play?

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